Watch our reality TV show "Bollywed" Trailer

Bollywed is a heartwarming docu-series centred around the Singh family, who have been operating the iconic bridal shop, Chandan Fashion, in Toronto’s Little India for the last 37 years.

The series shines a fascinating light on the booming and glamorous world of Bollywood culture and fashion, and offers an authentic glimpse into an intergenerationally run business lead by patriarch Kuki Singh, his wife Sarab, their two children Chandan and Chandni, and daughter-in-law Roop.

There’s plenty of old-school-meets-new-school drama and laughs as two generations take on the ever-changing and extravagant world of Indian weddings. 

Our TV show will air on January 12, Thursday at 8pm on CBC.
You can also find it streaming free on CBC Gem. Download the CBC Gem app from iTunes or Google Play, or watch in your browser.